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Color Doppler Ultrasound
Ic5 is applicable in abdomen, OB/GN, urology, cardiology , small parts, pediatrics and vascular clinical diagnosis. Ergonomic appearance, easy and convenient operation flows create a perfect operating experience.

Advanced Imaging Technologies:

  • High precision dynamic focus imaging

  • Spacial compound imaging

  • Frequency compound imaging

  • Pulse-inverted tissue harmonic imaging

  • Speckle noise rejection technology

  • Color Doppler enhancement technology

  • Multi-beam parallel processing technology

Comprehensive Clinical Application Solutions:

  • Transducers with broad frequency band and variable frequencies

  • Automatic trace on PW frequency map

  • 2D, color and Doppler frequency conversion

  • Real time dual-display 2D images and color flow images

  • Quickly switch between Chinese and English operation interface, and support many kinds of typewriting

  • One key saving and restoring image parameters can effectively shorten the operating time

  • Play back large amount of cines

  • Quick startup

  • Automatic standby protects the host and the transducers and prolongs the system lifespan

  • Measurement software packages of all parts meet with clinical needs of different applications

  • Large capacity removable built-in battery supports long time outdoor operation