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108 diamond micro-engraver
Explosive series
This is a shallow physical therapy that compensates for the shortcomings of chemical exfoliation, using vacuum suction to adsorb the skin on diamond micro-engraved drill bits of different thicknesses, with the appropriate suction force and the speed of the drill, and flexibly controlling the treatment process. It is a non-invasive treatment that is not irritating and is safe, simple, fast and side effect-free. In addition to the skin beauty value of quickly eliminating fine wrinkles and improving enlarged pores, diamond micro-carving also has a certain effect on some skin diseases, such as the treatment of acne, acne, acne scars, general scars or stretch marks. Those with dark skin or pigmented prints can also use ultrasonic to introduce e-whitening elements after diamond micro-carving to achieve the purpose of rapid printing and whitening.




American plug 110V, British plug 220V, European plug 220V, national standard plug 220V

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ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, Independent, LAZADA

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Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East

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Beauty head

Ultrasonic shoveler, ultrasonic eye and face beauty head, diamond micro-carving, hot and cold hammer

Beauty effects

Removes dead skin, exfoliates, tightens skin, reduces wrinkles, shrinks pores and soothes skin


Unique electrode rod design, sharp

There will be no pigmentation

Non-invasive treatment, so non-irritating, no wounds

Removes old dead skin from the face and promotes skin renewal

Improves pore permeability and promotes nutrient absorption

Diamond micro-carving can completely remove dead skin cells in the epidermis layer and promote the renewal of skin cells.

Improves pore permeability, which in turn reduces acne formation. While improving skin tone and making acne

Scars and acne scars are quickly eliminated.

Improve aging dull and elastic skin;

Lighten pigmentation, whiten and even skin tone;

Rapid regeneration of skin tissue, smoothing facial lines, making the skin smooth and soft;

Can refine thick pores, eliminate blackheads, make the skin refreshing and elastic;

Improve eye oil particles, dark circles and fine lines under the eyes, so that the eyes return to bright eyes;

Improve lymphatic circulation and detoxification function;

Can fade and eliminate stretch marks and obesity lines;

It can remove aging keratin in the body, stimulate blood circulation, promote skin regeneration, and make the skin of the body delicate and elastic