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Warm moxibustion instrument
A range of massage treatments
Moxibustion is named. Also known as moxibustion therapy device. It is a gradual evolution of the ancient tile (a kind of ceramic cookware). One is a special metal cylinder, the shape is divided into two parts: the cylinder body and the handle. There are many small holes in the upper and lower parts of the cylinder, which can ventilate smoke and the lower holes to conduct heat. There is also a small tube inside, which can be used for burning with wormwood or drugs. Another new type of moxibustion device is to apply a balloon to continuously provide the oxygen required for moxa incineration, and the formation of high-pressure drug gas flow to the lesion site, deep penetration of acupuncture points, can directly control the heat of the drug gas, and add a drug porcelain bowl, convenient for the administration of medication, according to the needs of the disease can be added ginger, garlic, medicine cake, etc., to enhance the therapeutic effect, increase the gas anti-burning cover, so that the drug gas can be concentrated in the lesion site, acupuncture points, improve the efficacy, prevent burns of external problems, when the moxibustion is stopped, the fire in the incineration barrel is automatically extinguished.

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Warm moxibustion stick

Warm moxibustion box

Moxibustion device

Fire Dragon Pot Moxibustion

Carry-on moxibustion

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Moxibustion box


Single-hole - six-well

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4-6 holes

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Wellness massage


Bamboo single hole + acupuncture point map, bamboo single hole + 10 mugwort paper moxa strips, bamboo double holes + 10 mugwort paper moxa strips, bamboo three holes + 10 mugwort paper moxa strips, bamboo four holes + 10 mugwort paper moxa strips, bamboo six holes + 10 mugwort paper moxa strips, bamboo single hole + pusher + 10 mugwort paper moxa strips, bamboo double holes + pusher + 10 mugwort paper moxa strips, bamboo three holes + pusher + 10 mugwort paper strips, bamboo four holes + pusher + 10 mugwort paper moxa strips, bamboo six holes + pusher + 10 mugwort sticks

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Ordinary thermositor (box) diameter: 7cm, height: 3.5cm, weight: 90g / pcs

Dispel wind and cold, correct and dispel evil spirits, activate blood and dissolve stasis, warm meridians, remove toxins, improve blood circulation, improve immunity, and treat many other diseases, health care and strengthen the body. Attending

Frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, waist and leg pain, bone hyperplasia, lumbar spine, cervical spondylosis and other symptoms.

Social application of moxibustion device: applicable to hospital traditional Chinese medicine department, acupuncture and injury department, rehabilitation physiotherapy department, geriatric ward, community health service point, individual Chinese medicine clinic, massage beauty health care slimming center.

Moxibustion can be performed anytime, anywhere, designed for travel, convenient and portable. Simple, safe and convenient to operate. It only takes 15 minutes a day to have unexpected results, and portable moxibustion is satisfactory for self-use, parents or relatives and friends. Suitable for working people; Poor blood circulation; People who are prone to stiffness or pain in the waist, shoulders and neck; People who are mentally stressed and need to continue to relax and restore their spirits; People who often have insomnia, mental atrophy, and need to improve their energy and physical strength; People with low immunity and need to improve their physical fitness; Those who have corresponding diseases need to do auxiliary rehabilitation treatment and beauty and health care treatment.

Light one end of the moxa stick close to the skin acupuncture points, so that the acupuncture points are warmed quickly. Slowly lift the moxa strips 3 to 4 cm from the skin and keep them still. During moxibustion, the feeling of warmth will make the skin red but not burning, and there are comfortable feelings such as acid and numbness in the local and distal areas.

Key points: Select 3 to 5 acupuncture points each time, and each acupuncture point is moxibustion for 5 to 10 minutes, too much fatigue, too little to achieve the warm effect.