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Silicone facial cleanser
A range of massage treatments
Product Name: Silicone Facial Cleanser Product Size: 87*70*25MM Bare Metal/Packaging Weight: 48g/171g Packing Size: 10.5*3.5*14cm Packing Quantity/Gross Weight: 132 units/20.3kg Packing Size: 29*35*63cm Product Color: Pink Blue Rose Red Packaging: English/Chinese/English, Data Cable, Instruction Manual Vibration Frequency 6000rpm charging Time 120 Minutes Power Supply DC 3.7V Waterproof Level: Grade 6 Factory Products, Large volume support wholesale, customization, OEM

Product Name: Silicone Facial Cleanser

Product size: 87*70*25MM

Bare metal/package weight: 48g/171g

Packing size: 10.5*3.5*14cm

Packing quantity / gross weight: 132 sets / 20.3kg

Packing size: 29*35*63cm

Product color: pink blue rose red

Packing: English/English, data cable, instruction manual

Vibration frequency 6000rpm

Charging time 120 minutes

Power supply DC 3.7V

Waterproof rating: 6

Factory products, large quantity support wholesale, customization, OEM.

Safe, full body waterproof design

No leakage of electricity, safe and secure use.

It's parsed in detail:

Silicone brush head:

Multi-functional partition cleansing massage brush head, multiple smooth and wear-free silicone contacts, all-round deep pores, american high-quality imported antibacterial silicone, dry and waterproof non-permeable, eliminate the breeding of bacteria.

Massage the contacts:

Cleaning was more thorough. A subversive gorgeous upgraded cleansing experience. Perfect interpretation of "real cleanliness".

Charging jack:

Fuselage jack charging, full body waterproof design, water without slipping! Washed all over the body for health and worry-free. Power off protection device, safer to use.

Base handle:

The silicone facial cleanser is exquisite in workmanship, and the tight seam between the silicone and transparent base of the fuselage is waterproof and more beautiful. The stickers are marked in detail

Fuselage styling:

The ergonomic design of the fuselage makes it easy to hold and operate, and the feel is rounded and easier to grasp.


Name: Purifying silicone facial cleanser

Charging time: < 120 minutes

Duration: 150 minutes to 180 minutes

Power supply: DC3.7V 200mA

Vibration frequency: 6000rpm

Weight: 60g

Size: 90mm*85mm*30mm

How to use it:

1. Prepare warm boiling water and face washer;

2. Wet the skin with warm boiling water;

3. Wet the massage head with warm boiling water;

4. Take an appropriate amount of cleanser or hand milk onto the contact point, or apply it directly to the face;

5. Let the contact touch the forehead slightly for 20 seconds, circle between the eyebrows, move slowly, and gently clean the entire forehead;

6. Clean both cheeks for 10 seconds, move the brush head in a circle to the ear according to the tip of the lip, and press it gently;

7. Clean the nose and chin for 10 seconds each, move in circles along the sides of the nose bridge, the contour of the chin, and the mouth side;

8. After the cleansing is completed, you need to wash the entire face with water;

9. Gently dry the facial skin with a professional absorbent towel and use skin care products to beautify the skin.