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Microneedle series
Nanoneeduals are mainly widely used in the field of beauty. The main role is to directly cross the epidermis of the skin through nanotechnology, so that some active ingredients can directly penetrate into the cells of the skin, and can also promote the growth of collagen in the skin, to remove stains, fade wrinkles, and improve the skin texture of the skin. It also makes the skin whiter, increases elasticity, reduces the user's pain, and accelerates drug absorption. Moreover, the effect of nano-micro for removing spots and acne is very significant. As long as you stick to it, the short-term effect will be very fast.

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Beauty principles of "microneedling":

  "Microneedle therapy" can not only improve the accuracy and efficiency of administration, but also has the characteristics of painless and trace amount, "microneedling therapy" has not only been widely used in the biomedical field, but also has been unprecedentedly popular in the field of beauty, microneedles in the field of beauty are very widely used, it can be used for body shaping, can also be used for beauty and skin beautification, the treatment of hair loss, repair of scars, etc. also has a good effect; In general, the application of microneedles in beauty and body beauty can be summarized as follows: anti-skin aging, prevention and treatment of hair loss, weight loss, treatment of acne, removal of orange peel tissue, reduction of local accumulation of fat, dry skin, etc.

  The principle of "microneedling" can exert excellent beauty and skin care effects and attract much attention in the field of beauty can be summarized as follows:

  1. Focal damage effect: the use of microneedle arrays to treat the skin can instantly create thousands of tiny wounds on the surface of the skin, and under external stimulation, the body will repair and cause some positive effects.

  2, microporous permeation effect: the use of microneedle array to pretreat the skin, can create thousands of tiny channels on the surface of the skin in a short period of time, so that beauty skin care products or drug active ingredients through the stratum corneal barrier directly to the deep skin, the skin care products or drug active ingredients accurately positioned, accurately quantitative delivery to the need to repair, improve or treat the site, give full play to the efficacy of the drug. Based on the above principles, drugs and the size of microneedles can be flexibly selected according to the different repair sites and skin conditions, so as to improve the flexibility and applicability of microneedles, and achieve the purpose of treatment and maintenance efficiently and accurately.

Classification of microneedles:

  There are many ways to classify microneedles. For example, according to the classification of materials, it can be divided into silicon, metal, polymeric material microneedles and the like. At present, according to the application of microneedles in the field of drug introduction, microneedles are divided into microneedles in the form of hydrogels, hollow microneedles, degradable microneedles, coated microneedles, and solid microneedles. In recent years, a variety of microneedle devices have appeared in the beauty plastic surgery market, such as roller microneedles, stamp microneedles, electric microneedles, DermaFrac, RF microneedle systems, etc.

  1. Roller microneedles: microneedles that are most widely used at present. The general body is composed of a handle and a roller, there are several rows of microneedles distributed on the roller, the length is generally 0.5 to 3mm, as the roller rolls on the skin, the microneedles can form micropores on the skin or stimulate skin cell proliferation. Since most of these microneedles are medical grade steel materials, they are suitable for multiple uses on a wide range of skin.

2, seal microneedle: composed of a handle and a seal-style head, microneedle is on the seal, when used microneedle perpendicular action on the skin, generally used for local scar treatment.

  3, electric microneedle: this microneedle is divided into a pen-like body and a seal microneedle that can vibrate, through mechanical drive, the microneedle of the head can be vibrated repeatedly, eliminating the shortcomings of uneven skin stress when the operator uses microneedles.

  4. DermaFrac: a new type of microneedle device that combines microdermabrasion, microneedle, deep tissue serum injection and LED lamp therapy at the same time, which is used to treat sunburn skin, acne, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines, superficial scars, etc.

  5. Radiofrequorice microneedle system: with the help of microneedles, electrical energy is introduced into the subcutaneous body, and scarring, hyperhidrosis, skin tightening, facial rejuvenation and other treatments are carried out without destroying the epidermis.


Application of "microneedling" in the field of facial rejuvenation

Using the physical effects of microneedles, they can be used not only to treat scars, but also to apply to the field of facial rejuvenation. In the past, people used to remove facial wrinkles through chemical skin peeling, which produced an inflammatory reaction when destroying the epithelial layer, causing collagen deposition in the skin to achieve the effect of tightening the skin. However, the therapeutic process of collagen deposition of the skin by damaging the action of the cuticle barrier of the skin affects the hydration of the skin, and patients often feel dry skin after treatment. Although laser wrinkle removal can effectively improve the smoothness of the skin, because the skin fibrosis makes the skin pale, after a few years the skin collagen will be absorbed, and fine lines will appear again.

  After microneedling causes minor skin damage, a variety of cytokines and growth factors are released. Subsequently, fibroblasts migrate and proliferate, collagen begins to deposit, and neovascularization begins. With the conversion of type III collagen to type I collagen and the gradual return of skin blood supply to normal, the skin becomes firm, smooth, and the skin color becomes natural, and the clinical use of microneedles in the upper lip, forehead, eye area and other areas of anti-skin aging treatment has achieved good results. On the one hand, microneedling makes the "face younger" by inducing collagen production, and on the other hand, it can further "snipe" the skin aging by introducing hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, etc.

Microneedle beauty usually refers to the use of microneedles rolling on many tiny needles to stimulate the skin, in a short period of time microneedles can make more than millions of fine pipes, fixing the active ingredients effectively penetrate into the skin, making the skin more firm and smooth. Microneedles not only do not destroy the integrity of the skin, but also stimulate the skin's self-healing ability and promote skin metabolism. If the recipient needs to do microneedling, choose to go to a more formal local hospital to do it, because usually the plastic surgery equipment used in these hospitals will be more advanced, and the technical level of the doctor who performs the operation is relatively high. Secondly, after the operation, the beauty lover should also do a good job in relevant nursing work, keep the wound clean and dry in the short term, avoid the phenomenon of infection and inflammation caused by the wound stained with water, and the diet should also be lighter.