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AM8 full digital color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system
AM8 is a full-body application color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system independently developed and produced by Jiajun Medical, which greatly improves the stability of the equipment, image quality and more comprehensive clinical solutions through the professional R & D team, giving doctors convenient operation at the same time. Provide doctors with more imaging information, which can increase doctors' confidence in diagnosis and improve the efficiency of examination!

Advanced technology:

Spatial composite imaging

Combined with the conventional vocal beam and acoustic east deflection function, imaging a lesion from multiple angles obtains more information, improves the resolution of the tissue and image quality, and can play a positive role in the examination of difficult cases and enhance the confidence of diagnosis.

Spot noise suppression imaging

According to the characteristics of different tissues, different noise suppression and structural enhancement processing are selected, which suppresses the interference of spot noise on the image and improves the image display effect. Blood flow peak capture technology

Capture peak blood flow signals over a certain time frame to improve vulgar blood flow sensitivity and improve low perfusion organ or tumor blood supply information.

Pulsed reverse harmonic imaging technique

Real-time digital signal storage and unique dual-pulse signal addition remove fundamental waves to extract harmonic signals from the purest and wider frequency bands, minimizing noise and providing the best lateral and tissue contrast resolution.

Rich clinical function

Type A display mode

It is very sensitive to distance, making measuring distances more precise, e.g. eye examination

Linear array two-dimensional deflection

It can change the east direction and angle of the probe sound, reduce some tissue artifacts, and facilitate the display of part of the vascular structure

Wide-field imaging

Expand the field of view of 2D imaging and perfectly reproduce anatomical morphology

AUTO-key optimization

Optimize 2D images, color Doppler, and spectrum Doppler-key to save machine adjustment time

IMT intravascular median membrane automatic measurement

Quickly and accurately measure the thickness of the inner membrane of the blood vessel, and the well can measure the inner membrane of the front wall and the back wall at the same time, which is convenient for doctors to operate and improve work efficiency

Dissect the M type

Any sampling within a 360° range can accurately observe the walls of each chamber of the heart for more accurate measurement data.

User-friendly design

Ergonomic design

● 19 inch high resolution LCD medical monitor

●Multi-angle, multi-directional three-articulated arm design

● The operation panel is tilted at 15 degrees, which is more in line with the needs of doctors ● The trackball has "confirmation keys" on both sides to facilitate different habits of doctors

Probe auto freeze function. Extend the service life of the probe.1Tb large capacity storage empty same