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Company Milestone

  • 2007 , the company was founded and launched model 3W-2000 digital ultrasound ;

  • 2008 model was successfully developed and produced for the 3W-2100 ( Portable )

      Digital ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and models 3W-5000 ( wheeled ) full digital

       ultrasound diagnostic apparatus , the majority of users praise the doctor ;

  • 2009 launch of a new product 3W-2100 series ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, to adapt to the needs of foreign markets ;

  • 2010 launched the Wristscan V9 Veterinary digital ultrasound;

  • 2011 was launched Handscan V8 Veterinary digital ultrasound

  • 2013 launched Handscan V7, 3W-5100, 3W-2200 Digital Ultrasonic etc.

                As our aim of " insight into the vision, our mission ," three dimensional is toward a higher goal , the next challenge , the pursuit of excellence , we have the best quality products ,  the most preferential price and the higher level of service for the medical institutions and doctors to provide the most satisfactory equipment and services , and strive to grow

into digital ultrasound equipment supplier and solutions provider.

Of course, thanks to the rapid growth of the company along with every one Dear customer, thank each and every one to give three-dimensional company supports and trusted partners ! The company's success , and you are closely related.