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Services Policy

1. Service Commitments

SUNWAY medical provides lifetime service for all produced ultrasound machines. Meanwhile, according to the warranty card enclosed in the packing box, the corresponding free warranty period is provided for the main unit and probe (transducer) from the date of Ex-factory.

2. Return Policy
Any spare part needs to be returned to SUNWAY, the following procedures should be carried out:
1).  Return authorization:
To contact the Customer Service Department of Sunway first. Please provide the model number, serial number, and a brief description of the reason for return. It is for the purpose to obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number.This (RMA) number must appear on the outside of the shipping container. Any returned shipments will not be accepted if the number is not clearly visible.

2). Freight policy:
Generally the customer is responsible for freight charges when this product is shipped to Sunway for service.The freight will be paid by Sunway if the returning scanner (parts) is in warranty.

3). Return address:
The Customer Service Department will send you the return address when RMA number provided.  

4).Process for the After-sales Customer Service.
We truthfully welcome your valuable comments about our product and service. The general process to deal with your feedback is as follows:
①Receive the feedback from the customer.
②Give the preliminary reply to the customer as soon as possible (in 24 hours) and ask for the detailed information about  the product such as the series number of the main unit and the probe, the model and version of the main unit, the detailed feedback or question. Meanwhile try the best to get the name and correspondence of the customer for tracing.
③Provide the professional solutions to the feedback. If necessary, the broken part of the ultrasound system should be returned to the manufacturer for reparation or replacement. The fee for the shipment depends on different situations,such as whether the product is in the free warranty period or not.
④Ask for the feedback from the customer after the service.
⑤Archive the whole process for the service.