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F&A Questions


Check the device power cord and probe cable and waterproof cover, if find any damage or breakage, must not use the   device and replace the broken immediately.
Check if the probe and main unit are connected rightly.
Check the adapter EPS regularly, when the supply voltage exceeds specified accommodation limit ( AC100V-240V±10%,   50/60Hz),Do not supply the main unit or charge the battery with adapter.
Check the adapter power cord and probe cable, if find any damage or breakage, replace the broken immediately.   Adapter is the dedicated power of the device, it adopts omniseal insulation design, do not replace it with other adapters or  attempt to open it in case there be any haza.

Main Unit maintenance

Instrumentation environment should accord with " operation environmental requirement".
If device enclosure needs cleaning,shutdown the device first and then wipe with alcohol sponges.
Device should not turn on and off frequently.
When the device does not work for a long time, pack the device according to the instructions on the packing.
Store it properly in the warehouse.


The use of ultrasound probes exposed to risks of contamination. Therefore, maintenance of the probe is essential.   After using the device, remove the gel from the probe and clean it with a paper soaked in disinfectant detergent solution   that does not require rinsing or soapy water, which requires rinsing.
Never use solvents, pure alcohol, bleach for cleaning the probes, which would damage them.The surface of the ultrasound should be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Correct usage of probe

In order to prolong probe's service life and obtain optimum performance,follow these instructions:

1. Periodic inspection on probe cable, socket and acoustic window.
2. Shutdown the device first and then connect or disconnect the probe.
3. Do not drop probe or flint body,and never hit the probe acoustic window, otherwise probe should be damaged.
4. Never heat the probe.
5. Never bend or pull probe cable, otherwise the internal connection should be broken.
6. Use couplant only on probe header and then clean probe.
7. Inspect probe acoustical window, enclosure and cable seriously after probe cleaning. Never use the probe
again if any crack or breakage is found.