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Dreams Come True
Competitive salary system:

Basic wages, salary, monthly bonus, annual bonuses, subsidies, shares, welfare, individual incentives.
Comprehensive employee benefits:
Medicare categories: pension insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance, medical insurance,
maternity insurance, annual physical examination
Daily allowance categories: accommodation allowance, meal allowance
Class gifts: wedding gifts, maternity gifts, pensions, Women's Day gifts, Children's Day gifts,
gifts visit major diseases
Gifts: Gift Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn gifts, New Year gifts, birthday gifts
Team Building class: Family condolences, department care costs, club activity costs
Supplemental Security categories: housing fund, beautiful office environment
Holidays categories: statutory holidays, paid annual leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave,
prenatal leave, maternity leave, childcare leave, nursing leave, sick leave, etc.


Spare time at work, employees can adjust the mood in corporate entertainment district, flying self.
Billiards - who is more powerful, a see winners and losers