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G20 Veterinary Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System
G20 Veterinary Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System
G20vet is a veterinary color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system, which contains professional veterinary software packages to establish image presets and body logos for various animals, and a variety of probe options to meet different clinical applications of veterinarians.


High-frequency  beam-former to ensure best resolution of the image

Whole-course real-time continuous dynamic focusing and aperture obtains high-resolution and picture in picture in

Super professional software packages to have the scanner widely used in Obstetrics Gynecoloyg,Urology, Cardiology ,Small parts

Standard: G20vet host + micro-convex probe + battery

Display: 12.1" high resolution LCD display

Probe interface weight: 2 probe interfaces 6.3KG

Rich image technology: ePure spot noise suppression

THI tissue harmonic imaging

TSI tissue-specific imaging

eFCI frequency composite imaging

eSCI spatial composite imaging

espeed - one-click optimization

eView wide-field imaging


Optional: Trolley backpack

65C15JA microconvex probe

55L60G rectal linear array probe

35C50JA convex array probe

70L 40JA linear array probe