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3W-H700 Full Digital Color Doppler Ultrasonic Diagnostic Instrument
3W-H700 is a medium and high-grade color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system newly launched by Shenzhen 3D Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. It integrates excellent design, high-quality imaging technology, convenient operation process, comprehensive and rich clinical application functions in one, bringing doctors the most practical clinical solutions, more accurate image diagnosis, and making doctors more confident!

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Fine color blood flow imaging

Multi-wave Cambodia parallel processing technology

Epure yuesheng image optimization

Smooth wide most imaging

Frequency composite imaging

Spatial composite imaging

According to formative science

Extended imaging

Flexible tissue feature imaging

Organize harmonics

Color adaptive pseudo-difference removal

Phased array support. Volumetric service head (3DV4D). Directional root volume map

Anatomy of the M-type in all directions

Automatic measurement of the inner and medium membrane (IMT) can be penetrated, and optionally with a puncture holder

It has the following features:

1. The combination of a variety of advanced image post-processing technology is applied to make the image clearer;

2. Wide-field imaging, expanding the scope of image scanning and improving the inspection speed;

3. Automatic measurement of the inner and middle membrane and other functions, saving the doctor's diagnosis time;

4. Support high quality 3D/4D imaging function.

Ergonomic design:

    Automatic probe recognition, electronic switching. 24 probes are displayed automatically. Flicker-free high minute rate wave crystal display

    Flexible universal rotating arm

    Comfortable control panel with backlights

    Built-in DVD-RW burner" recorder

    Graphic management system and DCOM 3.0 floor entrance

    Large capacity depositors